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Dear Jeff,

I am a veteran/newbie in our industry, having started my audio adventure in 1976 while working at the eponymous Lyric HiFi under Mike Kaye. In 2001 I purchased Innersound and worked with Roger Sanders to build some great electrostatic speakers and amplifiers. In late 2020 I returned to the industry I love by founding Hear This, a high-end audio importer of products from younger designers who are cutting a new path forward with technology and forward-thinking ideas. What I love most about our industry is that it is a small fraternity of like-minded people who continually strive to improve the experience of listening to recorded music. Unfortunately, the thing I like least is some of the backbiting and jealousy, which IMHO comes from fear and the feeling that there is not enough business to go around.

So here’s to you for reminding everyone that we are in this together and that being a decent human begets far more success than the alternative. This is a great message and a reminder that we need positivity now more than ever. Peace and continued success in the year ahead!

Gary Leeds
United States
Managing Partner