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To Jeff Fritz,

Just read this review [Dynaudio Contour 60] and really enjoyed it. I also read your article concerning the Coda [Model 11] amp. For this speaker, would a Bryston 4B3 amp be a smart move or would a Coda S5.5 be better? I used to have a Bryston 4B-ST amp driving a pair of Aerial 8 speakers with a Resolution Audio CD-55 transport-DAC-preamp. I ran this balanced with biwire Cardas Neutral Reference interconnects. I really liked the system, but soundstage depth was lacking, which was my only beef.

Any thoughts concerning the Audio Physic Codex four-way tower speakers? These are roughly $14,995/pr. Any chance you could review the Coda S5.5 amp, as there are no current reviews out that I could find? Thanking you in advance,

United States 

Regarding the Audio Physics Codex loudspeakers, I’d suggest you read the review that Aron Garrecht wrote right here on SoundStage! Ultra. I’ve not personally heard that speaker but trust Aron’s assessment.

As for Bryston vs. Coda, I think that’s a can’t-go-wrong proposition. Both brands have been around forever and, as far as my experience goes, build bulletproof amplifiers that sound simply terrific. In fact, I think both brands -- when compared to many that they are typically in competition with – score extremely high on the value/performance scale. Lastly, although I don’t have an S5.5 in for review presently, I’m in discussions with Coda about a review in the near future. Keep an eye on SoundStage! Ultra in the coming months. Thanks for writing. . . . Jeff Fritz