To Garrett Hongo,

Great review of the Zanden 3100 [preamplifier]. As a psychologist once told me, want what you have. Anyway, I was wondering what a good preamp might do in my system. The system is: Aurender N100H, Kimber Kable USB, UpTone Regen, PS Audio DirectStream DAC, Siltech Classic Anniversary 770i XLRs direct to Oasis Audio S-200 monoblocks (200W class A), AudioQuest Redwood speaker cables, Magico S5 speakers.

I listen to exactly the kind of music as you mentioned in your review of the 3100. If you asked me what I don’t care for in my system, I could not tell you. Perhaps a more defined soundstage and placement of the instruments?

When I tried a Coda Technologies CSiB integrated in the system, it was tiring. Too much on the top end. When I tried an Ayre Acoustics VX-R Twenty, same thing.

I had thought of perhaps a VAC Renaissance like you mentioned, but only saw a Mk.2. I buy used. Someone mentioned an Ayre KX-5 Twenty. Great review by one of your associates.

A friend has an Audio Research Reference 6 between his Berkeley Reference DAC and his Pass Labs X350.8 with Magico S5 Mk.IIs and is selling it because he likes the sound direct from the Berkeley to the Pass.

I am seeing a used/mint 3100 for sale at $7500. Would be a costly mistake and maybe not gain anything?


Thank you,
United States

Thank you for the compliment on my review of the Zanden 3100 preamp. Much appreciated. And glad you found it interesting as a possible choice for your own system.

My editor at SoundStage! Ultra, Jeff Fritz, has recently come to prefer driving his amps directly from a DAC and forgoing a pre. See his recent columns.

That said, I myself like a good preamp as I listen to a good deal of vinyl as well as to CDs. It’s not only convenient to be able switch sources, but I’m very fond of the sound of the Zanden 3100. I used it with a Zanden 8100 stereo amp as well as a VAC Signature 200iQ that I just reviewed. The sound is excellent, particularly with soundstaging and imaging -- a kind of Zanden trademark, if you will.

Regarding your situation, though, it’s very hard for me to recommend which course to take. I’ve not heard the Nagra Jazz in my own system and only passingly heard it in a demo at a show some time ago now. I was impressed but took no notes. Furthermore, I am also unfamiliar with your amps, though descriptions I’ve found suggest they’ve a warm and natural sound not unlike Threshold or later Pass Labs class-A amplifiers.

In general, I prefer matching brands of electronics to each other, especially amp(s) and pre. But I’ve no idea if Oasis produced a comparable preamp. I can say that, in solid-state preamps, I really like the Pass Labs three-box XP-30 and the current Esoteric line of preamps. For tube preamps, I love the Zanden 3100, but you might require more drive than its 8dB gain. Among other tubed, balanced preamps, an excellent value is the VAC Ren. Mk.3 you mention. I’ve owned it and there hasn't been a pre with more drive (22dB gain, as I recall). For another publication, I’ve also reviewed the VAC Signature Mk.2 and found it struck a great balance between drive and finesse. Finally, the Lamm LL2.1 Deluxe is another excellent value (18dB gain). I’ve owned one and still regret letting it go. But it isn’t balanced, unlike the VAC and Zanden brands.

I believe your best recommendations may come from other owners of the Oasis S-200 monoblock amplifiers. Is there an owner’s forum or hobbyist’s forum you can participate in?

But I’d be cautious about “jumping” at anything just because you’ve seen it advertised for a good price on a used website. It is an expensive way to audition gear.

By the way, I know your Magico S5 speakers and think they are among the best at their price point available. I’ve heard them driven by all-Zanden electronics (8100 amp, 3100 pre, 120 phono) and thought the sound superb. I’ve also heard them driven by Pass Labs, Soulution, and Constellation electronics and, each time, I heard superior sound. Good luck! . . . Garrett Hongo