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To Jeff Fritz,

I’m maybe too late to contribute to this point as it was some time ago, but I’ve just came across your conundrum on defining what gear is appropriate to cover in SoundStage! Ultra from your March 2017 “Opinion” column [“Will the Real Ultra Products Please Stand Up?”], in reference to Paradigm speakers. I wanted to suggest an answer, which also touches on the ultra-high-end-price vs. no-guarantee-of-quality-sound debate. Put simply, I love reading about ultra-expensive gear, but what I really want to read about is ultra-sounding gear, even if it doesn’t fit with the ultra-expensive moniker. So just go for it and focus on ultra sound and if it’s also ultra expensive too, brilliant.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your new music room discovering and rediscovering great sounds.

Bill McCardle
United Kingdom