To Jeff Fritz,

I just ordered a pair of Magico M3s. I’m retired, and by selling my [Magico] Q3s, selling some stock, a credit card, and a bit of dealer financing, I decided to go ahead with the purchase without the MPods. Should I have done that or do you think the addition of that option is something I should absolutely think of doing if I can?

United States

First, congrats on the purchase of your M3s ($75,000/pr.). Although I have not heard that model, I’ve heard its predecessor, the M Project, numerous times and it never fails to sound amazing. The M3 looks to be packed with the latest Magico technology and is certainly one of the best-looking speakers on the market right now.

As for the MPods, I do have a set installed on my Magico Q7 Mk.II speakers. I was a bit skeptical at first, and I’ll ask you to wait until my full review for the whole scoop, but let’s just say that I would strongly consider adding the MPod option to your pair of M3s, even though the $9600 they cost may be a bit disconcerting -- admittedly, it’s a lot of money. I will say right now that they definitely make a real sonic improvement, at least on my Q7s. Furthermore, there is also some satisfaction in knowing that you left zero performance capability on the table. In for a penny, in for a pound. . . . Jeff Fritz