Last month, in “Jeff Buys Loudspeakers: The Vimberg Tondas,” I announced that I’d bought a pair of Vimberg Tondas to use as my reference loudspeakers. I also challenged Tidal and Vimberg designer and CEO, Jorn Janczak, to show us exactly what goes into the making of a set of Vimbergs. What follows, in words and photos, is the story of my pair of Tondas, from raw cabinets to packing in their flight cases, followed by a set of measurements of that pair of units.

VimbergRaw cabinets, made in Germany. Note the veneer, strategically applied to ensure a seamless lacquer finish for years to come.

VimbergSanding the cabinet smooth before the first coats of lacquer are applied.

VimbergAutomated polishing considerably cuts down on the finishing time.

VimbergIn some areas, however, automated sanding is just not feasible, plus . . .

201902 06 polishing3. . . in the interest of a mirror-like finish, final polishing by a person is just a necessity.

VimbergA jig is applied before the final milling of the midrange-and-tweeter compartment, which . . .

Vimberg. . . must be done by a Tidal-Vimberg craftsman. This jig ensures . . .

Vimberg. . . a precise cut, which, when completed, is . . .

Vimberg. . . verified by measurement.

VimbergMilling and drilling reveal the substantial thickness of the lacquer coating.